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A diary to optimize your training and overcome your limits.

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How it works

The Wod Diary helps you succeed through our carefully designed sections.

The Wod Diary

Short and long term goals to help ensure you accomplish them

WOD tracking

234 Wods including skills, wod and type of training. 40 Team Wods.

Benchmark workouts

Girls, heroes, notable workouts and the open. Those workouts will allow you to track your progress while not falling into routine.


Minimalist design to record multiple exercises. We did not forget about burpees!

Personal records

Measure evolution chart, weight, and individualized sections to measure neck, shoulders, chest, biceps, waist hip and thigh.


KG - LB conversion chart, Percentage chart, dictionary and notes.


Crossfiters love the Wod Diary

  •  "Awesome! Allows me to track my workouts and it has all of the benchmark WODs."
    — Dan Gibon, Crossfiter
  •     "Love this diary, has everything you could need for Crossfit and helps you track PBs."
    — Gale Adams, Crossfiter

Stylish and simple

Track your goals effectively

When it comes to accomplishing goals, many people tend to forget that, often, goals must be consistently tracked and reviewed. The Wod Diary helps you structure your training and reach your goals quicker than you ever thought.

Easy and hassle free

You only need a pen and your Wod Diary. You don’t need to worry if you are running out of battery, you have not brought power bank or you need to delete photos to install another APP. The action of writing creates stronger links between you and your goals.


Created for your success

Our simplicity and beautiful minimalist design empowers you to use the same success strategies as the world’s top athletes. You will find the perfect tools to track your progress, achieve your goals and boost your confidence.

Every section has been carefully designed to follow the best steps to challenge yourself and overcome your limits. We have spent several years working on The Word Diary. It's design has been made by Crossfitters in order to fit, develop and met Crossfitters needs.

Take a Look Inside

245 pages
Over 230 Wods
Preview Wod Diary

Who we are

Aarón Domínguez
Founder / Marketing / Content manager / Crossfitter
Moisés Domínguez
Founder / Designer / Web developer / Crossfitter

After a few years of training, we decided to create our own diary to track our progress and plan our short and long term goals in order to commit and be aware of our next steps heading us to acknowledge our growth. Due to our successful results we decided to share it with you. We will soon launch a Kickstarter campaign and we hope you support us 😃 Thank you!


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