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The Wod Diary

The Wod Diary will help you plan your goals, record your progress, and become the best version of yourself. Great tool for Crosfitters.

30.00€ 23.00€
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The Wod Diary

30.00€ 23.00€

Our simplicity and beautiful minimalist design empowers you to use the same success strategies as the world’s top athletes. You will find the perfect tools to track your progress, achieve your goals and boost your confidence.

Every section has been carefully designed to follow the best steps to challenge yourself and overcome your limits. We have spent several years working on The Word Diary. It's design has been made by Crossfitters in order to fit, develop and met Crossfitters needs.

Weight 339gm
Size 13.97x20.95
Wod daily tracking 234 pages
Team wods 50 pages
Heroes workouts 128 pages
Personal records tracking 42 pages
Girls benchmark workout 26 pages
Goal tracking 16 pages
Tabata tracking 11 pages
Notable workouts 10 pages
Evolution charts 2 pages
The open workouts 27 pages